5 Factors to Consider before Consuming Medical Marijuana

5 Factors to Consider before Consuming Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana aka cannabis is a plant cultivated around the world which is used for herbal remedies. There are many biologically active compounds present inside marijuana which are referred to as cannabinoids. The two most common compounds are:

  • Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which causes a high.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) which doesn’t cause a high.

This article emphasizes on factors to consider before consuming medical marijuana. Although, it is safe to use, but it is a new territory to be explored by the newbies. Read on to know more.

  • Always let your doctor knows about any vitamin, herbs, and supplements and over the counter medicines you take and that include medical marijuana as well. If you live in a place where medical marijuana is legal and you would want to discuss with someone about successful usage of medical marijuana in order to treat the side effects of breast cancer, you may want to get in touch with your care team so that they can connect you with another patient.
  • Medical marijuana is never covered by any kind of insurance. The gist is, medical marijuana can be quite expensive.
  • CBD and THC is contained in various levels in different types of Medical Marijuana Products. They both offer many benefits. For instance, CBD helps in easing the pain, while THC has a knack for controlling nausea.
  • You will have to do a lot of due diligence to ascertain the ratio of CBD and THC that is compatible with controlling your side effects. This can take a tad bit of trial and error. What works for somebody else may not be useful for you.

  • You may have to visit many medical marijuana dispensaries until and unless you find the one you are comfortable with and has personnel who can address all the queries you have about the levels of THC and CBD in the available strains. Depending on the place you live, many dispensaries may cater more to the ones who use marijuana for recreational purposes than the medical users. These dispensaries are more clinical in nature and the personnel is more likely to be experienced with assisting people with cancer who use medical marijuana to address the side effects. It can be beneficial to call the dispensary and delineate the side effects, you are experiencing with marijuana. Ask them if they can book a consultation appointment with a staff member. If you feel any discomfort, visit another dispensary.

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