Five Helpful Mental Strategies that can Help you Climb the Rock Successfully

Five Helpful Mental Strategies that can Help you Climb the Rock Successfully

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Rock climbing is mentally and physically challenging and offers an adrenaline rush. No matter the height of the wall, you know there will be something fun but challenging about the route. Although it can be daunting, the wall is only asking to be scaled. In terms of bouldering Montreal, your body might be willing but your mind is doubtful. Thus, regardless of what kind of climber you are and how often you climb, you need mental strategies for rock climbing. The tips below can help you:

Step Back and Take a Look at the Wall

This is something you need to do before you start climbing. Check out where the best-looking route is. Determine the areas you wish to avoid. Find cracks you can use to your advantage. When lead climbing, know where the anchors are clipped on. If you are sport climbing, find the anchors on the rock and follow them to the top. Usually, they offer the perfect route to the summit.

Stop and Take a Deep Breath

Did you know that deep breathing helps in activating the parasympathetic nervous system? This system puts your body and mind on rest, relaxation, and recovery mode. When you take deep breaths, messages are sent to your brain telling the other parts of your body to chill out. As a result, you will be able to concentrate on the task at hand.

Take a Step at a Time

There is no need to tackle the wall in a single push. Indeed, there will be plenty of steps to take to get to the top. Therefore, you must take one step at a time. This helps you stay grounded in the situation. As you minimize unnecessary movements and focus on one task, you create mental and physical stability.

Take a Break

When getting high up and you experience panic, give yourself a break. Keep in mind that rock climbing is not a race. Let your belayer know that you are taking a break so they can put more tension in the rope. Once you are on a stop, take more deep breaths. Take in the view from the new vantage point and allow yourself to relax a bit. Taking a break benefits both your body and mind.

Trust your Legs

Your legs are quite powerful and vital to your climbing success. As you look up and focus on going upward, you may get tunnel vision on your arms and hands. However, using your heels hooks and taking big steps can offer you leverage during the climb.

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