Bodybuilding Podiums and Prizes in 2 Tournaments in Nandrolone Decanoate The North Zone

Bodybuilding Podiums and Prizes in 2 Tournaments in Nandrolone Decanoate The North Zone

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Luca and Carolina are a couple from La Rioja. A few years ago they decided to focus their lives on practice and physical exercise. Last weekend they competed in Mister Comodoro and in Caleta Olivia’s anniversary tournament where they managed to stand out.

Luca Gonzalo Ramaglio is 25 years old and at 17 he discovered that bodybuilding was his thing. He was looking at a material by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Speaking to LOA , Luca spoke of his beginnings, objectives, how this practice changed his life and the tournaments in which he recently competed as well as the next one to which, if he gets the necessary financial support, he will attend.

I turned 25 on November 4, the same day as my girlfriend. In my teens I was looking for what to do, I knew I wanted to be on some stage somehow. I tried music, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t my thing (laughs).

And his orientation gave an interesting change: I saw a documentary by Arnold, everything started there. At its best in the 70s it was impressive. Mister Olimpia won 7, the most important bodybuilding tournament, and I said ‘I want to get to that’, that’s where it all started.

On the beginnings in his search for a Nandrolone Decanoate where he could develop that enthusiasm, he maintained: I started training at Olimpic, there were people who had already competed, great people. More or less I was doing little by little, learning. At the age of 20 it was my first competition, then I kept training and I didn’t compete again until last weekend when we went with my girlfriend to two events, one in Caleta Olivia and the other in Comodoro Rivadavia.

To reach a competitive level, he assured that it takes several years, between 3 and 5: it is not just 100% training, diet, supplementation that includes multivitamins, proteins, that helps. A lot of consistency, good rest, not having bad habits, you must always bear in mind that this goes nandrolone hand in hand with good health. From the beginning I have a doctor who checks that all my levels are correct, you have to get advice. It is what I recommend to my students. I have experience in what has to do with training, but you should always have the advice of a health professional.

Two tournaments

Last weekend in Comodoro Rivadavia an event was held for the 35th anniversary of ‘Mister Comodoro’, it was beautiful, very competitive, very good level, many athletes. I competed in the Heavy Promotional category, weighing approximately 80 kilos, I won in my category and with the same category I won in Caleta Olivia. They bring together all the champions and there is another competition from which the absolute champion of the tournament comes out. There the thing was spicier and I did not win.

One of the issues that he considers beneficial is that his girlfriend Carolina practices the same: she competed in two categories in Comodoro, in the Bikini Master category she took 4th place and in Bikini tall, she finished 1st. In Caleta he took 3rd place and podium.

He confessed that they did not really expect a special recognition: more than anything we went to enjoy the experience, for her they were her first tournaments (she is 31 years old). This is just beginning, training is part of our lifestyle. With my girlfriend we get up and do a daily routine. We go to the gym and what we are starting is the subject of competitions. November 30 is a tournament in Rio Grande. Still not sure. My girlfriend is preparing for the 2020 national. She is focused on that. In February, Nandrolone Decanoate, I start to schedule competitions in the rest of the country, the southernmost is Tierra del Fuego.

To finish, he thanked his mother for the constant support and his follow-up in everything he does, the gym where he trains under the charge of Blanca, who received them with a special celebration after the competitions, and his girlfriend for their support and perseverance.

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