What Kind Of Problems Can Menopause Cause In Your Intimate Zone

What Kind Of Problems Can Menopause Cause In Your Intimate Zone

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You know that something is changing when your period starts to be irregular when the body is easily gaining weight, your mood starts to change often and hot flushes are something new to you. That will be menopause.

Menopause is a condition when ovaries start to produce less hormones, estrogen and progesterone. This affects the whole body, causing changes that are not pleasant. First, the levels of estrogen and progesterone vary, which means that at the one point one of them can be at a high level and after some time, the other one.

These changes affect also your libido, making it lower while your intimate zone starts to be dry.

Vaginal dryness

It is estimated that there are around 80% of women who have this problem. Estrogen is a natural lubricant to vaginal walls, and because he is less produced, vagina starts to dry. At one moment ovaries will stop producing estrogen and at that moment there will be no more natural lubricant.

Vaginal dryness does not have to affect your sex life

Besides this, the skin around the vagina starts to get thinner, and in that point, it is susceptible to damage. That can happen mostly during sex, but even friction can cause pain. The vagina tissue can become so sensitive that sitting, urinating or exercising can become painful.  All of this affects how you feel and adding other symptoms that menopause causes, is leading to a lower quality of life.

There are ways that you can reduce vaginal dryness simple by using good lubricant and if you want to reduce it by targeting the cause, you can visit your doctor and ask for hormonal therapy. At vaginal dryness menopause from Australian Menopause Centre, you can get more information on how these treatments should look like.

Other menopause signs

Menopause signs are different for every woman, but there are a few common signs that most women experience. Of course, the first one is the lack of your period. If it’s missing, for example for whole year, it is for sure that you are in the menopause.

Hot flushes are one the most common menopause signs

Other menopause signs are mood swings, hot flushes, slowed metabolism which can lead to weight gain. Very common are a headache, hot flushes that can appear during the day and night, low concentration and others that are menopause signs according to Australian Menopause Centre.

Staying up to date with this topic is quite recommended because researches are finding the new remedies and therapies that can help you with different symptoms. One of the sites that you can follow to get more information about menopause is Australian Menopause Centre – Facebook, maybe you stumble upon the exact thing that you need.

Final Word

It is important to do your research and find more about menopause so you could understand changes that are happening are unpleasant but normal. Find a good doctor and step into the action for you better time during menopause.

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